Rethinking Peace Studies (RPS) is a series of three seminars and one culminating conference to be held over a three year period starting in 2014. RPS seminars will each convene 15 people with diverse professional and academic backgrounds for several days of dialogue centered on the various shortcomings, strengths and opportunities in the field of Peace Studies.

The seminars will each revolve around a theme. The themes are transdisciplinary and will allow seminar participants to approach Peace Studies from a diversity of perspectives. The first seminar will focus on the theme translation, the second memory, and the third dialogue.

RPS emerged from the Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum, which was held on the campus of International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan in November of 2012.

When & Where?

The three seminars and culminating conference will be held over a three-year period. Here are the dates for the seminars and conference.

Seminar 1 - November 13-16, 2014 @ ICU in Tokyo, Japan
Seminar 2 - March 27-28, 2015 @ Riverside Church in New York City, United States
Seminar 3 - November 12-15, 2015 @ University of Peradeniya in Kandy, Sri Lanka
Culminating Conference - JUne 2-5, 2016 @ ICU in Tokyo, Japan