During the evening on Thursday, June 2 a special performance was held in ICU's Diffendorfer Auditorium as part of the Rethinking Peace Studies conference. The performance, titled The Mirror with Wings: Experimental Butoh Performance, featured the Butoh dancers Yuri Nagaoka and Seisaku, calligrapher and dancer Ryo Honda, composer Ida Soraya Klint, translator Veronika Melekhina, videographer and co-producer Nitin Sawhney and producer Daniel Fernandez.

The haunting performance sought to evoke the themes of the Rethinking Peace Studies program, which were translation, memory and dialogue. The audience was left transfixed as the dancers contorted their bodies, faces and spirits. Nitin Sawhney, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The New School in New York City, stood on the side of stage recording video of the performance. Here is an early cut from the performance. Enjoy!

AuthorPaul Hastings