Later this evening, Rosi Braidotti, Distinguished University Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University in Holland, will deliver a lecture as part of UC Berkeley's Program in Critical Theory. According to the Program in Critical Theory's website, her talk, "addresses one of the paradoxes that marks all critical thought, namely: how to engage in affirmative politics, which entails the creation of sustainable alternatives geared to the construction of social horizons of hope, while at the same time doing the work of critique, which implies resistance to the present. The relationship between creation and critique is a problem that has confronted all activists and critical theorists: how to balance the creative potential of critical thought with the dose of negative criticism and oppositional consciousness that such a stance necessarily entails."

You can read more about the Program in Critical Theory and also Dr. Braidotti's lecture at this link.

AuthorPaul Hastings